TT Wine Counsel Club - Your Exclusive Wine Journey

Having been asked by friends and clients many times to start her own “TT Wine Club”, Tania has launched a series of exclusive wine offerings to be made available to her friends in the BC legal community, “reformed” lawyers like Tania, other advisory colleagues and fellow wine enthusiasts alike. 

Each TT Wine Counsel Club offering will shine a spotlight on a specific British Columbia winery and showcase a small customized selection of their wines curated by Tania and offered to you by that specific winery. In each case, Tania will design your wine journey and choose wine which she feels may be of interest to you (and which she likes!). This could mean that they are “library” wines, bottles from very small-lot production, special releases or other unique picks.

Why take this up? Well you don’t have to. There’s no obligation to accept any offer. But if you’ve wine explored with Tania before, you know how she rolls in terms of getting out there to see the land, meet the makers and take a deep dive into the story and process behind what you’re tasting in your glass. This is an ongoing passion and pursuit for Tania and she doesn’t take it lightly. Tania can’t guarantee that you’ll love each wine you decide to explore with her, but she’d be thrilled if you came along for the adventure.

Jon Adrian. Architectural, winery and lifestyle photographer. Okanagan Photographer / TT Wine Explorer / Little Engine Wines / Poplar Grove Winery

How It Works

Every so often, Tania will send out a newsletter containing wine exploring updates and news from her. Often, these will include a new offer being made to you by a select British Columbia winery. You’ll have the opportunity to “click through” to see details about the wine selection being offered to you by that winery. You can then decide whether you wish to take up that offer and buy some wine. Purchasing will happen via another online click to place your order directly with the relevant winery.

If you choose to purchase any wine, that wine (in all cases) will be sold to you by the relevant winery. The winery will directly receive all payment amounts, fulfil your order and arrange delivery of the purchased wine to your office or home in British Columbia. (At this stage, TTWC picks will come from BC wineries and will be available for delivery to BC addresses only).

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